Il Tempo dell’Affetto


Il Tempo dell’Affetto

About Us! (for Dutch Bio, click here!)

This newly established chamber music ensemble, Il Tempo dell’Affetto, combines flute traverse/a béc, baroque violin, baroque bassoon and harpsichord into boundless instrumental colors and transformative possibilities in the realm of 17th and 18th century repertoire.

The name of the group derives from Monteverdi’s pivotal masterpiece ‘Lamento della Ninfa’, a madrigal, for which the composer demands “al tempo dell’affetto, dell’animo, e non a quello della mano.” The performer thus required to sing in “tempo of affect, of soul and not the one of a hand”.

Such a strong declaration represents a breakthrough for the new music style of this period, following not rigorous formality but natural affect of humans. The aim, therefore, of this group to perform with vigorous Energy, Passion and Sincerity which are deeply based on Clear and Keen interpretation of historical performance which must move the audience’s passion as well.

The members met during their studies in Conservatorium in Amsterdam, and are currently based in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

the members are..

flute traverse/a bec  Belén Nieto Galán

baroque violin  Asuka Sumi

baroque bassoon  Takako Kunugi

harpsichord  Asís Márquez González

Hope to see many of you in our concerts!  We will shake your soul!

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