M. Uccellini: Sonata Seconda ‘La Luciminia Contenta’ Op.4

(2023, Tokyo) with Kaori Koike, Viola da Gamba, Hayao Soneda, Arpa doppia

Wonders Upon a Note’ trailer by Duo Moderno (July 2021) with Johan Löfving on theorbo.

Seconda Prat!ca live video 2020

Fons Harmonicus Live video-clip from Utrecht Early Music Festival 2015

Il Vento da Transalpina Trailer by Fons Harmonicus

Live recording by ORF at Vienna Konzerthaus, Beriosaal
on 21st January 2014 during Resonanzen Festival

F. Geminiani: Concerto Grosso Op.2 No.2 C minor 3rd & 4th movements (from ca. 5’40”) (2015)

with Amsterdam Corelli Collective (Soloists: Vn1. Asuka Sumi, Vn2. Alba Encinas, Vla. Annemarie Kosten-Dür, Vc. Irene Kok)


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