Violin Lesson

“Sing with your bow, Dance with your fingers!”

-ヴァイオリンは歌い、ヴァイオリンは踊る- (日本語下記)

I’m offering private violin lessons in Otley, Leeds (LS21).

Children and Adult beginners are especially welcome!

I was born into a family of violin teachers, thus I have good materials and method from them, including;
-careful choice of repertory fitting to the student’s level.
-focusing on good ‘singing’ sound which is gained by good bowing technique.
-giving good direction for basic ‘solfège’.

Plus, I apply my knowledge and method from baroque violin playing:
-you can play with natural posture without any tension or pain in your body.
-you will obtain a good rhythmic sense based on baroque dances.
-and, It will give more flexibility on music making which encourages your individual musicality.

Through my lessons, I would like to deliver you true-joy of music-making along with good basic techniques!

*You can learn both modern and baroque violin

Further questions and application for try-out lesson (30min), please use the contact form below.






Language: English and日本語.




  • バロック・バイオリンの基礎を習いたい
  • モダンバイオリンでバロック音楽に取り組みたい
  • 通奏低音を理解してバロックソナタを読み解きたい
  • バロックの装飾を習いたい






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