Solo programme

PRAY upon ground (45min., talk concert)

The program delivers solely unaccompanied violin solo works focusing on the music based on basso ostinato (ground bass), popular form in baroque music centered by H.I.F.Biber Passacaglia from Rosary sonata and J.S. Bach Chaccone from partita in d minor, with talk in between about the story of the works, composer’s intentions and innovations.

Profile of Violin (60min., talk concert)

You will learn the history of unaccompanied violin works through 17-18th centuries from different countries in an hour with fun talk, quotes and poems. Includes works by famous Bach, Telemann and lesser known Matteis, Bassano and Vylsmayr.

Uit of Kabinet -Hidden Treasure of Dutch Golden Age-
(violin & harpsichord/organ&theorbo, 60/90 min., talk concert)

The Netherlands especially Amsterdam enjoyed its richest time in mid 17th century. However since the music making in this country was not in the enormous churches but rather intimate family’s living rooms, some instrumental music of this time has been left behind for long time till today.
The program will show those forgotten repertoire from Amsterdam publications such as ‘t’ Uitnement Kabinet’ includes division and dances by North German virtuoso, Johann Schop, and surprisingly imaginative Italian style sonata from ‘Spielstukken’ by Petersen only the violin sonata set written and published in Holland in 17th century.


This is a competition of Encounter and Communication..

The end of April 2013, I visited the very old, beautiful monastry in St.Florian bei Linz, which they call ‘Augstiner Choreherren Stift St. Florian’.

The monastery was first documented in 819. The mysterious atmosphere of this historical building, old monks in black coat, young boys who live there for traditional choreherren, reminded me immediately my most favorite book ‘Narcissus and Goldmund’ by H.Hesse.

This beautiful building holds amazing library (unfortunately they lost most of 17c. music manuscript..), and Anton Bruckner is sleeping in the grave there.library st.florian


Every two years, this monastery gives kind contribution for the most relax and innovative music competition, H.I.F.Biber Wettbewerb.

The committee and the organizer, known as  most knowledgeable violinist of Austrian baroque repertoire, Gunar Letzbor, said

” This is a competition of Encounter and Communication.”

This lovely statement was reflected everywhere during the days of competition.

I met many nice young colleagues from all over the Europe, and share great time and music.

Biberwettbewerb3Thanks to such a relaxed ambiance and great acoustic in the hall, Sommerrefektrium, I enjoyed my performance, and fortunately received Romanus Weichlein Prize, shared with Girandole Armoniche.

Of course, it was also due to my great accompanist Panos Iliopoulos, the harpsichordist and composer.


I was also invited to the Resonanza Festival in Vienna in January 2014! I will update further details as soon as possible!

And part of the recording from my performance in the Prizewinner Concert on 1st May, is coming up on this website soon!

Il Tempo dell’Affetto


Il Tempo dell’Affetto

About Us! (for Dutch Bio, click here!)

This newly established chamber music ensemble, Il Tempo dell’Affetto, combines flute traverse/a béc, baroque violin, baroque bassoon and harpsichord into boundless instrumental colors and transformative possibilities in the realm of 17th and 18th century repertoire.

The name of the group derives from Monteverdi’s pivotal masterpiece ‘Lamento della Ninfa’, a madrigal, for which the composer demands “al tempo dell’affetto, dell’animo, e non a quello della mano.” The performer thus required to sing in “tempo of affect, of soul and not the one of a hand”.

Such a strong declaration represents a breakthrough for the new music style of this period, following not rigorous formality but natural affect of humans. The aim, therefore, of this group to perform with vigorous Energy, Passion and Sincerity which are deeply based on Clear and Keen interpretation of historical performance which must move the audience’s passion as well.

The members met during their studies in Conservatorium in Amsterdam, and are currently based in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

the members are..

flute traverse/a bec  Belén Nieto Galán

baroque violin  Asuka Sumi

baroque bassoon  Takako Kunugi

harpsichord  Asís Márquez González

Hope to see many of you in our concerts!  We will shake your soul!

Welcome to

After several months of writing a Japanese blog to chronicle my work as a baroque violinist in Amsterdam/Europe and Tokyo/East Asia, I have decided to start a bona fide website in English.  Thus,

I will be adding to the site in the months to follow with the following projected themes:

– upcoming performances

– thoughts on music performance practice

– occasional notes about research in the field, particularly dealing with Italian violin repertoire from the 17th century

I hope that you enjoy the site and will make it one that you follow.