Dromen over feest at Lagedijk


Such a wonderful time thanks to perfect care and organize by Mr&Mrs Bouman!!lagedijk7





 16th December (Sat.)

 “Dromen over feest” at Lagedijk.

Our performance will be held 3times between 14:00-17:00 

at Mr.Bouman’s house (Lagedijk 100, 1544 BJ, Zaandijk).

We performed Luigi Boccherini’s trio from his first publication, op.1 (1767) 

no.1 Fmajor and no.4. Dmajor!

It was written around 1760, so  Boccherini was only 17years old (!), for 2violins and violoncello!

And G.P. Telemann’s Trietti Methodici e Scherzi  from his hand-writing score 🙂




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